4 Days in France

In the spirit of recent French films like Stranger by the Lake and Paris 05:59 Théo & Hugo, 4 Days in France takes a frank look at the sex lives of gay men.


Two strangers have a life-changing encounter in a Midwestern modernist paradise.

Brave New Jersey

Martians are apparently landing and taking over the world. One small New Jersey town panics and prepares for the invasion.

Endless Poetry

Portrait of Alejandro Jodorowsky as a young man.

The Country Doctor

A dedicated local doctor for a small French village faces his own mortality.

Strange Weather

Holly Hunter, in a major star turn, tries to elevate the paint-by-numbers tale into a moving canvas.

Brigsby Bear

The new wave of nerd film is upon us, and Brigsby Bear takes us to the next level.


In the Brooklyn shtetl, Menashe tries and tries, but he can’t quite conform.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

The action-adventure spectacle is full of needless detours; the dumb keeps on coming.