The Disaster Artist

The real power of James Franco’s film lies in its endearing portrait of a male friendship.

Best Films of 2017

Horror, satire, and war dramas from the United States, the Czech Republic, and more.

Darkest Hour

Truly a political film, Darkest Hour aims to fulfill the needs of its constituents.

Happy End

Happy End unfolds familiar themes for director Michael Haneke as the elderly struggle with the end of life, watchers watch the unwitting watched, and hypocrisy plays out within a bourgeois family.

Get Out

The film has already made a mint and produced a cottage industry of think pieces as it takes race and white privilege head-on.

The Force

A policeman’s lot during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Loving Vincent

Reality and fiction blend, weaving a quasi-detective story in a hand-painted, visually stunning animated film.

Birdboy: The Forgotten Children

An animated horror fantasy about children (or anthropomorphic characters who are children), facing drug addictions, mutilations, and murders.

Miss Kiet’s Children

In a small Dutch village, cameras focus on a class of new arrivals, young refugees and children of migrants, capturing a range of expressions and whispered comments.