How do communities reconcile after the horrors of occupation and combat? In 1945, they do it with evil intentions, a guilty conscience, and the eager desire to usurp or defraud one’s fellow man.

Liberation Day

Who more than Laibach should be the first Western rock band to serenade the isolated, Kim Jong-un–worshipping state of North Korea with totalitarian chic?

Maya Dardel

A trenchant, fascinating character study of a famous, solitary writer facing the tail end of her life and the impact of her legacy.


A teenager trains for the sisterhood right before the winds of change hit the monastery.

The Square

A sprawling and daring sociological satire and winner of this year’s Palme d’Or.

78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene

An entertaining and respectful love letter to filmmaking.

Bill Nye: Science Guy

The man behind the bow tie.

The Work

This documentary, filmed in Folsom State Prison, keeps the viewer on edge and is also deeply moving.

Mansfield 66/67

Did witchcraft really lead to the death of sex symbol Jayne Mansfield?