One lie, another lie, and more lies, and then World War I may be finally over.

Cries from Syria

This documentary is essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding the world as it is today, in all of its boundless horror.

Land of Mine

Defusing land mine and ratcheting up tensions on the Danish coast in 1945.

Theo Who Lived

A vivid documentary about the two-year imprisonment of an American freelance journalist in war-torn Syria. A remarkable chronicle of empathy.

Come What May

A World War II opus and a humanistic look at those who often don’t make it into the history books.

The People vs. Fritz Bauer

How a German Jewish, gay, ex-political prisoner, and prosecutor fought East and West German bureaucracies to bring war criminals to court.


Two Czech operatives parachute into Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia with minimal supplies and months-old intel. Their mission: to contact the local resistance forces and assassinate the highest ranking Nazi official.

Neither Heaven nor Earth

Within the first 10 minutes, you feel you are safely in the hands of a master.

Men Go to Battle

At 98 minutes, this entertaining and quietly ambitious film never wears out its welcome and stays true to its small-scale intentions.