The sunshine of Ibiza is a beautiful place to shed light on ugly family truths.


Easily Christopher Nolan’s greatest achievement to date.

500 Years

The journey from genocide to the Uprising in Guatemala.

City of Ghosts

Eyewitnesses with cameras risk all in the forbidden zone of ISIS’s capital.

The Wall

A welcome addition to the growing collection of films depicting the Iraq War.

Their Finest

In this World War II period piece, Gemma Arterton stars Catrin Cole, a copywriter living in London during the Blitz.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

Heroes for animals, people, and the resistance in Nazi-occupied Warsaw


One lie, another lie, and more lies, and then World War I may be finally over.

Cries from Syria

This documentary is essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding the world as it is today, in all of its boundless horror.