How do communities reconcile after the horrors of occupation and combat? In 1945, they do it with evil intentions, a guilty conscience, and the eager desire to usurp or defraud one’s fellow man.


An epic World War II saga filmed in deep black and fine-grained white.

In This Corner of the World

The death and destruction of World War II are pushed into the background of a family’s normal daily life until the horror arrives on their doorstep.


The sunshine of Ibiza is a beautiful place to shed light on ugly family truths.


Easily Christopher Nolan’s greatest achievement to date.

500 Years

The journey from genocide to the Uprising in Guatemala.

City of Ghosts

Eyewitnesses with cameras risk all in the forbidden zone of ISIS’s capital.

The Wall

A welcome addition to the growing collection of films depicting the Iraq War.

Their Finest

In this World War II period piece, Gemma Arterton stars Catrin Cole, a copywriter living in London during the Blitz.