Tribeca Film Festival

Paris Can Wait, The Lovers, The Dinner, and Manifesto | Tribeca 2017

Featuring Diane Lane, Debra Winger, Cate Blanchett, and more.

Tribeca 2016 Award Winners

The following films illustrate the range of the festival. They are four different examples of how filmmakers handle difficult subject matter (whether it’s hard to comprehend or hard to stomach).

Highlights at the Tribeca Film Festival 2016

All of the films seen in this round of Tribeca screenings are worthwhile, and the best is, frankly, excellent, including the gorgeous The Ride and the funny and poignant The Charro of Toluquilla

Documentaries | Tribeca Film Festival 2016

This year’s festival offers up a wide range of documentaries that are timely and confidently made, with The Happy Film an example of finesse.

The Spirit of “Fargo” in Tribeca 2016

The spirit of the Coen Brothers’ (arguably) best movie hovers over narrative entries in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, with the director of one film even citing it as a direct influence.

Overlooked Gems of 2015

Early on in the year may be as good a time as any to look back at 2015, before the number of films begins to snowball and as the awards season slowly winds down. What has been overlooked? What made the festival rounds but is conspicuously missing from this year’s lineup, having perhaps gotten lost […]


The directorial debut of cinematographer Reed Morano (The Skeleton Twins, Kill Your Darlings) is an emotional roller coaster from its first moments as it follows a young couple in the aftermath of a horrifying tragedy. Morano keeps Meadowland hauntingly realistic; its devastating subject matter feels all too possible. New Yorkers Sarah (Olivia Wilde) and Phil […]

Fathers & Sons | Tribeca

Some of the most involving documentaries featured at previous Tribeca Film Festivals have creatively explored family histories, including The Flat and The Arbor, revealing and attempting to reconcile with the past. In two films this year, adult sons confronted their fathers, in memory and in person. In My Father’s House On Chicago’s South Side (President […]

Death, Drugs, & Religion | Tribeca

For many documentaries, a strong subject matter is the main draw. Granted, directorial choices are crucial, but compelling interviewees or a topic that resonates with the public can help a film truly soar. The best of these films do just that, from a film about a father working to exonerate his son to a work […]