em>Kicks has a rich, magical realism that elevates it above the run-of-the-mill coming-of-age or gangland film

Little Men

The new film by Ira Sachs (Love Is Strange)—well crafted, complex, and ambiguous

Breaking a Monster

The 13-year-old members of the heavy metal band Unlocking the Truth are not old enough to attend high school, but they have already signed a $1.8 million recording deal.


Director Jeppe Ronde uses a real-life event as the basis for a haunting, ethereal film, a sort of inverted Rebel Without a Cause. These teens don’t lash out so much as cave in.

Standing Tall

Emmanuelle Bercot’s empathetic and clear-eyed film presents a pungent portrait of a young adult. Its lead actor won the César Award, the French equivalent of the Oscar, for most promising actor.

The Summer of Sangaile

Dreamlike and deeply sensual, The Summer of Sangaile relies primarily on evocative imagery to relate its story of first love and self-discovery. The film opens at an air show with 17-year-old Sangaile (Julija Steponaityte) watching in fearful longing as stunt planes perform vertical climbs, loops, and dangerous plunging dives. Auste (Aiste Dirziute) works the show […]


Imagine you have a young friend from conservative rural Turkey. Funny that, because her modishly off-kilter beauty looks more like what you’d see in a Paris modeling studio. Your friend is flirty and flighty, but she conceals something that you’d never mess with: stone courage and a will of fine metal. Does she tell fibs? […]


Based on real events, the story portrayed in this layered film occurs in 1996 in Ethiopia, just three years after women were granted equal rights under the law. In the capitol city of Addis Ababa, social services have been established to assist women and girls, including free legal aid. Meaza Ashenafi (Meron Getnet) heads the […]

He Named Me Malala

There is a lot to learn from Malala Yousafzai. Three years ago in her Swat Valley village in Northwestern Pakistan, the Taliban shot Malala, then 15, for daring to speak out in favor of girls’ education. Rather than let that stop her, Malala has grown into a world leader and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize […]