Raising Bertie

A rich portrait of black youth coming of age where the odds are stacked against them.


In its stylized way, Violet highlights a particular kind of masculine stalemate.

From Nowhere

An unparalleled dramatization of one of the most relevant plights in America today—the life of undocumented teenagers.


Slash stands out as this year’s film for the true teenage outcast.

Videofilia (and Other Viral Syndromes)

A Peruvian film that attempts to be a film for and about the oversaturated teenage mind, and seemingly designed to be viewed on a laptop.

Don’t Call Me Son

The Brazilian drama takes on social class, shifting identities, and what happens when a newcomer knocks a family dynamic off balance.

The Eagle Huntress

The majestic landscape, captured by first-time feature documentary filmmaker Otto Bell, lends this intimate documentary an epic grandeur.

Girl Asleep

This Australian film, set in the 1970s, exudes a fitting hallucinatory quality to the messy coming-of-age experience.

American Honey

Rising British director Andrea Arnold makes her first onscreen journey through the States