Kill Me Please

Four teenage chums are obsessed with sex, and, most recently, death.

Beach Rats

Frankie, 19, spends his nights on the Coney Island boardwalk or at home, cruising men on a video chat site.

The Wound

This tough and thoughtful South African film explores antiquated ideas of masculinity.

Bronx Gothic

A documentary/performance piece centered on outage over the historical oppression of black girls.

Swim Team

It is impossible not to root for the Jersey Hammerheads, a Special Olympics–bound swim team for autistic teens and young adults.

Raising Bertie

A rich portrait of black youth coming of age where the odds are stacked against them.


In its stylized way, Violet highlights a particular kind of masculine stalemate.

From Nowhere

An unparalleled dramatization of one of the most relevant plights in America today—the life of undocumented teenagers.


Slash stands out as this year’s film for the true teenage outcast.