Top Picks

God’s Own Country

The first feature film by writer-director Francis Lee refreshingly doesn’t go down the route you would expect it to.

Super Dark Times

The screenwriters have a preternatural sense of the teen mind and a way with dialogue, and director Kevin Phillips coaxes excellent performances from his young cast.

I Am Another You

An acclaimed filmmaker follows a young homeless man out on the streets, existing on the margins with him.

Window Horses

A beautiful, deeply empathetic, world-embracing lip smack of an animated film.

Hong Kong Trilogy: Preschooled, Preoccupied, Preposterous

A free-flowing, often unpredictable portrait concerned about ordinary men, women, and children in the titular city.

Kill Me Please

Four teenage chums are obsessed with sex, and, most recently, death.

The Teacher

A tightly focused and plotted film that starts as a mild bureaucratic satire and burgeons into a hybrid psychological thriller and morality tale.

Patti Cake$

This infectious first feature by director Geremy Jasper showcases a lot of newcomers, making the whole package a fresh experience.

Crown Heights

A stirring legal drama that will outrage and inspire in equal measure.