Top Picks

Crown Heights

A stirring legal drama that will outrage and inspire in equal measure.

Ingrid Goes West

Think of Ingrid Goes West as a Black Mirror episode, only it’s more science-reality than science fiction.

Good Time

What Mean Streets and Taxi Driver did for 1970s Manhattan, Good Time does for Queens of the 2010s.

After Love

An empathetic, nonjudgmental observation of a marriage after it falls apart.


How one noisy, dirty, smelly dyeing mill reveals the impacts of climate change, globalization, and the demand for cheap labor today.

Wind River

In addition to the hauntingly beautiful landscapes and the welcome focus on overlooked social justice issues, Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen give some of the best performances of their careers.


Two strangers have a life-changing encounter in a Midwestern modernist paradise.

Endless Poetry

Portrait of Alejandro Jodorowsky as a young man.

Brigsby Bear

The new wave of nerd film is upon us, and Brigsby Bear takes us to the next level.