Top Picks

A Fantastic Woman

Daniela Vega gives a stellar performance as Marina, a transgender woman whose lover, 25 years her senior, suddenly dies in the middle of the night.

I Am Not Your Negro

Raoul Peck’s documentary passionately reintroduces and reinterprets James Baldwin for a new generation.

The Brand New Testament

Exploring other worlds, this film inhabits a Terry Gilliam or Michel Gondry zone with a wide-open heart and a supple spring in its step.

Always Shine

A compact, intense psychological thriller that leaves a lasting mark.

Uncle Howard

Aaron Brookner, who was very young when his uncle, director Howard Brookner, died, has restored his uncle’s films, and in the process has made this documentary tribute.

Things to Come

Isabelle Huppert delivers a gimlet-eyed, ferociously single-minded performance as yet another tense, driven character.


An equally straightforward title for this biopic could be Deconstructing Jackie.

Old Stone

A tightly wound gem of a movie that wastes none of its brisk 80 minutes.