After Love

An empathetic, nonjudgmental observation of a marriage after it falls apart.

The Country Doctor

A dedicated local doctor for a small French village faces his own mortality.

The Untamed

A film about sexual repression and homophobia, with some creature horror thrown in for good measure.

The Midwife

Catherine Deneuve saunters away with the movie.

Lady Macbeth

Meet one truly nasty woman. Keenly observed grace notes nudge the film (and the audience) to the edge.

13 Minutes

A quiet resistance hero gets the serious biopic treatment he deserves.


Sally Hawkins stars as Nova Scotian folk artist Maud Lewis. Born with rheumatoid arthritis, she became one of the most cherished artists in Canadian history.


A mother becomes determined to find, and kill, those responsible for the death of her son.

Beatriz at Dinner/Sami Blood

Two movies take on the concept of privilege from the outsider’s point of view in very different ways and epochs.