The People vs. Fritz Bauer

How a German Jewish, gay, ex-political prisoner, and prosecutor fought East and West German bureaucracies to bring war criminals to court.

Labyrinth of Lies

Vergangenheitsbewältigung: to come to terms with the past, as postwar Germany has consistently done regarding the Third Reich. True, right? Since the Nuremberg Trials, the country has cultivated an image of a contrite nation that accepted with alacrity its responsibility for genocide and that has conscientiously required historical education so future generations would learn from […]


Gimmicks and tricks have been around since the birth of cinema, whether it be Cinemascope, 3-D, or Smell-o-Vision (thank you, John Waters). The ones that stood the test of time generally enhance the overall cinematic experience. Others, such as the Dogme 95 movement and, please God, found footage films, fade into the collective memory of […]

Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery

Written and Directed by Arne Birkenstock Produced by Birkenstock, Helmut G. Weber, Thomas Springer & Edward MacLiam Released by KimStim German with English subtitles Germany. 93 min. Not rated Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery is more straightforward than earlier explorations of skullduggery in the art market, from Harry Moses’s Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock? […]


Directed by Christian Petzold Produced by Florian Koerner, Von Gustorf, and Michael Weber Written by Petzold and Harun Farocki, based on Return from the Ashes by Hubert Monteilhet Released by Sundance Selects German with English subtitles Germany. 98 min. Rated PG-13 With Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld, Nina Kunzendorf, and Imogen Kogge With Phoenix, New Wave […]

Beloved Sisters

Written and Directed by Dominik Graf Produced by Uschi Reich Released by Music Box Films Germany/Austria. 170 min. Not Rated German with English subtitles With Hannah Herzsprung, Florian Stetter, Henriette Confurius, Maja Maranow and Andreas Pietschmann This beautiful historical drama passionately depicts how the political, social, and cultural revolutionary fervor sweeping late 18th-century Europe inspired […]


Directed by David Wnendt Written by Claus Falkenberg and Wnendt, based on the novel by Charlotte Roche Produced by Peter Rommel Released by Strand Releasing German with English subtitles German. 109 min. Not rated With Carla Juri, Christoph Letkowski, Meret Becker, and Axel Milberg The shock value of Wetlands far surpasses anything I’ve seen in […]

A Coffee in Berlin

Written and Directed by Jan Ole Gerster Produced by Marcos Kantis and Alexander Wadouh Released by Music Box Films Germany. 88 min. Not rated German with English subtitles With Tom Schilling, Friederike Kempter, Marc Hosemann, Katharina Schüttler, Justus von Dohnányi, Andreas Schröders, Arnd Klawitter, Martin Brambach, Frederick Lau, Ulrich Noethen and Michael Gwisdek A full […]

Generation War

Directed by Philipp Kadelbach Produced by Nico Hofmann Written by Stefan Kolditz Released by Music Box Films Germany. Part one: 131 min.; Part two: 148 min. Not rated English, German, & Polish with English subtitles With Volker Bruch, Tom Schilling, Katharina Schüttler, Ludwig Trepte & Miriam Stein Generation War sweeps away a half century of […]