A mother becomes determined to find, and kill, those responsible for the death of her son.


One lie, another lie, and more lies, and then World War I may be finally over.

A Decent Man | Rendez-Vous with French Cinema

For brutal emotional impact, there is nothing like this film out now, It’s a highlight at this year’s Rendez-Vous with French Cinema series.


Directed by Volker Schlöndorff Produced by Marc de Bayser, Frank Le Wita, Sidonie Dumas, and Francis Boespflug Written by Cyril Gely and Schlöndorff, based on the play Diplomatie by Gely Released by Zeitgeist Films Release French and German with English subtitles France. 88 min. Not rated With André Dussollier, Niels Arestrup, Burghart Klaussner and Robert […]

Clouds of Sils Maria | Cannes

My last screening at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the 34th in eight days, was a rewarding way to wind down, ending the festival on a rich, resonating note. Director and writer Olivier Assayas smoothly makes his first (mostly) English language foray, buoyed by the strong performance of Juliette Binoche. While Assayas’s new film has […]


Directed by Martin Provost Produced by Miléna Poylo & Gilles Sacuto Written by Provost, Marc Abedelnour and René de Ceccatty Released by Adopt Films French with English subtitles France/Belgium. 138 min. Not rated With Emmanuelle Devos, Sandrine Kiberlain, Olivier Gourmet, Catherine Hiegel, Jacques Bonaffé, and Olivier Py Director Martin Provost calls Violette a diptych with […]

Rendez-Vous with French Cinema 2014

If you’re lucky enough to see only a handful of what the mini-festival Rendez-Vous with French Cinema has to offer, you’re likely to have a sense of déjà vu, or at least left wondering, strange, I’ve seen that face before. One of the resulting pleasure of this annual series—23 features this year—is that in a […]

Live-Action Oscar Shorts 2014

Released by ShortsHD 97 min. Not rated “Do I Have To Take Care of Everything?” The briefest, by half, of this year’s Oscar nominated live-action shorts makes more of an impact than its tone and brevity might suggest. The Finnish short covers a morning in the chaotic life of the Ketonin family, scrambling like mad […]

You Will Be My Son

Directed by Gilles Legrand Produced by Legrand & Frédéric Brillon Written by Legrand & Delphine de Vigan Released by Cohen Media Group France. 101 min. Rated R With Niels Arestrup, Loránt Deutsch, Patrick Chesnais, Nicolas Bridet, Anne Marivin & Valérie Mairesse You Will Be My Son isn’t just a dramatic vacation to the wine country […]