Nocturama’s detached treatment of adolescent nihilism echoes modish turns by directors like Larry Clark and Michael Haneke—filmmakers love teens on a rampage.

After Love

An empathetic, nonjudgmental observation of a marriage after it falls apart.

The Country Doctor

A dedicated local doctor for a small French village faces his own mortality.

The Midwife

Catherine Deneuve saunters away with the movie.


A mother becomes determined to find, and kill, those responsible for the death of her son.

Lost in Paris

A throwback to the physical comedy of Jacques Tati comes up short.

A Woman’s Life

A Woman’s Life, adapted from a Guy de Maupassant novel, charts a young bride’s slide into disaster with a hushed, pensive air that builds to panic.

The Death of Louis XIV

The Sun King is going down. The monarch’s eyes, baleful, shrewd and world-weary all at once, take in the royal court’s intrigue around his approaching death.


One lie, another lie, and more lies, and then World War I may be finally over.