Double Lover

The impeccable cinematography in François Ozon’s new mind game belongs in 2018, but its soul harks back to the psycho-gonzo oeuvre of Hitchcock, Bergman, and Gaslight.

Things to Come

Isabelle Huppert delivers a gimlet-eyed, ferociously single-minded performance as yet another tense, driven character.

Being 17

A coming-out film with the novel approach of exploring the dynamic between a mother and her two sons—one biological, one she has taken in—who fall in love.

Neither Heaven nor Earth

Within the first 10 minutes, you feel you are safely in the hands of a master.

Diary of a Chambermaid

Followed by a smitten camera, Léa Seydoux’s face combines a Mary Cassatt apple-cheeked purity with the sullen roughness of a young Kate Moss in the latest take on the French classic novel by Octave Mirbeau.


Jacques Audiard’s moody heartbreaker, the winner of the Cannes Palme d’Or last year, daringly places a rough-and-ready, documentary-ish shooting style alongside confident, startling artistry.

My Golden Days

Arnaud Desplechin’s latest film encompasses many lives in one. Like all our parallel lives, some make more sense than others in this rich, thought-provoking, and overstuffed film.


Meryl Streep has recently undertaken to play Florence Foster Jenkins in a film by Stephen Frears that will come out later this year. French writer/director Xavier Giannoli, though, has beaten that production to the punch with his deluxe variation of Jenkins’s biography.


Slapstick meets The Bad Seed in Julie Delpy’s fitfully charming tale, marked by contradictory impulses and abrupt, bewildering shifts in tone.