Fire Song

Fire Song effectively sets up the conflict of youth growing up in a poor community: whether to remain or move away.


Written and Directed by Pat Mills Produced by Mike MacMillan and Alyson Richards Released by Strand Releasing Canada. 80 min. Not rated With Pat Mills, Zahra Bentham, Tracey Hoyt, Kevin Hanchard, Alex Ozerov, and Eleanor Zichy Guidance, a new comedy about a depressed ex-child actor posing as a high school guidance counselor, is the directorial […]

Félix & Meira

Directed by Maxime Giroux Producers: Nancy Grant and Sylvain Corbeil Written by Alexandre Laferriere and Maxime Giroux Released by Oscilloscope Labs Canada. 106 min. Not rated With Hadas Yaron, Martin Dubreuil, and Luzer Twersky A young, married Hasidic mother (Fill the Void’s Hadas Yaron) is first noticed by thirtysomething  Félix (Martin Dubreuil), while she’s waiting […]

Maps to the Stars

Directed by David Cronenberg Produced by Martin Katz and Saïd Ben Saïd Written by Bruce Wagner Released by Focus World Canada/Germany/France/USA. 111 min. Rated R With Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Olivia Williams, Evan Bird, Sarah Gadon, Niamh Wilson, Dawn Greenhalgh, John Cusack, and Robert Pattinson There comes a time in skilled directors get to do […]


Written and Directed by Adam MacDonald Produced by Thomas Michael Released by IFC Midnight Canada. 91 min. Not rated With Missy Peregrym, Jeff Roop, Eric Balfour, and Nicholas Campbell Based on a true story, the feature film debut of actor and director Adam MacDonald follows Jenn (Missy Peregrym) and Alex (Jeff Roop, executive producer) as […]


Edited, Written, and Directed by Xavier Dolan Produced by Nancy Grant and Dolan Released by Roadside Attractions. French with English subtitles Canada. 139 min. Rated R With Anne Dorval, Suzanne Clément, Antoine Olivier Pilon, Patrick Huard, Alexandre Goyette, Michèle Lituac, Viviane Pacal and Nathalie Hamel-Roy In Xavier Dolan’s Cannes’ Jury Prize winner, Mommy, the overarching […]


Written and Directed by Louise Archambault Produced by Luc Déry and Kim McCraw Released by Entertainment One Canada. 104 min. Rated R With Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Alexandre Landry, Vincent-Guillaume Otis, Benoit Gouin, Sébastian Ricard, Marie Gignac and Robert Charlebois Though there are many themes brought to the forefront in Gabrielle, the unique power of […]

Vic + Flo Saw a Bear

Written and Directed by Denis Côté Produced by Sylvain Corbeil Released by KimStim French with English subtitles Canada. 95 min. Not rated With Pierrette Robitaille, Romane Bohringer, Marc-André Grondin,  Marie Brassard, and Georges Molnar The reimagined feminist fairy tale is widespread in Hollywood, evident this past month by the success of Maleficent. Vic + Flo […]


Directed by Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais Written by Hoss-Desmarais and Marc Tulin Released by Oscilloscope Laboratories Canada. 86 min Not rated With Thomas Haden Church, Marc Labreche, Anie Pascale and Vincent Hoss-Desmarais There are some great movies where man takes on the wilderness and alternately himself. (Into the Wild and Rescue Dawn come to mind). Whitewash is […]