Sally Hawkins stars as Nova Scotian folk artist Maud Lewis. Born with rheumatoid arthritis, she became one of the most cherished artists in Canadian history.


A mother becomes determined to find, and kill, those responsible for the death of her son.

Beatriz at Dinner/Sami Blood

Two movies take on the concept of privilege from the outsider’s point of view in very different ways and epochs.

Lost in Paris

A throwback to the physical comedy of Jacques Tati comes up short.

The Journey

How Northern Ireland’s leaders rode from bitter enemies to becoming the Chuckle Brothers.

Funeral Parade of Roses

This rerelease from the Japanese New Wave is just as groundbreaking now as it was nearly 50 years ago.

Open Roads: New Italian Cinema 2017

The annual festival offers a rich and wide-ranging cross section of new Italian films.

Handsome Devil

This coming-out tale, exploring the quagmire of sexual politics in an all-boys private school, is a welcome anomaly. It’s not preoccupied with sex.

Like Crazy

Italy casts its golden spell over this ebullient and exhausting take on Thelma & Louise.