The King’s Choice

The low-key but engaging drama takes place over three days in April 1940, as Germany begins invading neutral Norway.

Tulipani: Love, Honor and a Bicycle | TIFF 2017

This mostly good-humored movie offers a loopy and wild ride, making it the sort of curio that fits well within a large film festival.

School Life

With its primary focus on a married couple who are nearing the end of their careers teaching at an Irish boarding school, this documentary captures the essence of what good education is all about.


Polina covers the typical dance-movie steps faithfully and soars with expressive and gorgeous choreography.


Nocturama’s detached treatment of adolescent nihilism echoes modish turns by directors like Larry Clark and Michael Haneke—filmmakers love teens on a rampage.

After Love

An empathetic, nonjudgmental observation of a marriage after it falls apart.

The Country Doctor

A dedicated local doctor for a small French village faces his own mortality.

The Untamed

A film about sexual repression and homophobia, with some creature horror thrown in for good measure.

The Midwife

Catherine Deneuve saunters away with the movie.