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All Male, All Nude

A look behind the scenes of the Atlanta strip club, Swinging Richards, where the male dancers perform au naturel.


Part Olympic doping exposé, part spy thriller.


With plot twists aplenty, an unreliable narrator, and friendly adversaries from different worlds, this is an unsettling but thrilling exploration.


A fresh take of the old-fashioned, socially conscious American epic.

Strong Island

#BlackLivesMatter echoes in the case of a brother’s death 25 years ago


An aggressively quirky, misanthropic film focusing on a singularly unpleasant human being.

Dave Made a Maze

With its far-out visuals, a wacky sense of humor, and empathetic characters, this is a labyrinth well worth getting lost in.

It’s Not Yet Dark

A beautiful visual representation of Irish filmmaker Simon Fitzmaurice’s struggle with motor neurone disease, also known as ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Brave New Jersey

Martians are apparently landing and taking over the world. One small New Jersey town panics and prepares for the invasion.