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An aggressively quirky, misanthropic film focusing on a singularly unpleasant human being.

Dave Made a Maze

With its far-out visuals, a wacky sense of humor, and empathetic characters, this is a labyrinth well worth getting lost in.

It’s Not Yet Dark

A beautiful visual representation of Irish filmmaker Simon Fitzmaurice’s struggle with motor neurone disease, also known as ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Brave New Jersey

Martians are apparently landing and taking over the world. One small New Jersey town panics and prepares for the invasion.

The Country Doctor

A dedicated local doctor for a small French village faces his own mortality.

Person to Person

Three completely unrelated stories of New Yorkers floundering through a day-in-the-life.

The Incredible Jessica James

Star Jessica Williams is armed with wit, attitude, and that old ’30’s standby, spunk.

To the Bone

Director Marti Noxon drew on her own experiences with eating disorders. Harshly realistic, To the Bone is compelling, while equally hopeful and often funny.

Okja | Cannes 2017

The only film in the Cannes competition in which the visual flash on screen matched the chaotic excitement of the red carpet gauntlet. Director Bong Joon-ho gives the audience a show.