Extraordinary Ordinary People

A documentary that relishes in an array of art forms and their histories, from bluegrass to Peking opera.

The New Radical

This brazen documentary follows infamous 3-D gun printer pioneer and self-proclaimed crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson and the more intellectually versatile hacker Amir Taaki.

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

A biopic with nuance and epic scope of screen goddess and landmark inventor.

Meth Storm, Mole Man, and Rodents of Unusual Size | DOC NYC 2017

Meth Storm is an experience that’s hard to shake, a 66-year-old man with autism has a gift for building structures, and an epic battle of man versus nature takes place in the Louisiana bayous.

Song of Granite

How the pure expression of Irish traditional song can rest heavily on an old soul.

Big Sonia

A film that inspires compassion and understanding, Big Sonia tells the story of a woman who endured hatred but now embodies love.

Rebels on Pointe

An affectionate tribute to a very New York–centric project that has outgrown its outré origins and developed a global following.

Sammy Davis Jr., the Beatles, and David Bowie | DOC NYC 2017

The all-documentary festival jacks ups the glitz quotient with three films profiling high-status singers and entertainers.

No Stone Unturned

Alex Gibney’s examination uncovers a level of government impunity that should substantively change how law enforcement works with intelligence services.