Liberation Day

Who more than Laibach should be the first Western rock band to serenade the isolated, Kim Jong-un–worshipping state of North Korea with totalitarian chic?

Bill Nye: Science Guy

The man behind the bow tie.

The Work

This documentary, filmed in Folsom State Prison, keeps the viewer on edge and is also deeply moving.

Mansfield 66/67

Did witchcraft really lead to the death of sex symbol Jayne Mansfield?

The Pathological Optimist

The main subject is Andrew Wakefield, the former doctor who claimed a connection between the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and symptoms of autism.

For Ahkeem

The shooting of an unarmed Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri, helps to give this documentary its impact.

One of Us

Leaving a Hasidic enclave in Brooklyn for the secular life.


Meet Richard Turner, internationally renowned card technician and illusionist extraordinaire, who is considered one of the most talented and respected card handlers in the field. What’s more, he’s blind.

The Rape of Recy Taylor | NYFF 2017

This important documentary aims to correct a flagrant case of injustice and provide the context in which it took place.