Blood on the Mountain

The fraught relationship between the residents of Appalachia and the coal in their ground.

The Ivory Game

Executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, the documentary exposes the thriving market for ivory and starts a dialogue toward ending it. In this aim, the film is a smashing success.

Into the Inferno

You can use the word awesome to describe this movie and literally mean it.

Before the Flood

A wide-ranging, impressively-photographed documentary on the far-reaching effects of climate change.

When Two Worlds Collide

A riveting, highly informative look at the ongoing conflict between Amazonian natives defending their land against transnational petroleum corporations.

Time to Choose

If clean and sustainable energy sources are so cost-effective, why are we still drilling, fracking, and mining?

The Messenger

It was once believed that birds were messengers whose flight and song could be interpreted to foretell the future, but over time, as the world became increasingly industrialized, we lost the connection we once shared with their world. Through her documentary, director Su Rynard hopes to call our attention, once again, to what the songbirds […]

This Changes Everything

“This is not about polar bears,” so says Naomi Klein in this gripping documentary overview, based on her 2014 best seller. It’s to her credit that she faces head-on the notion that viewers may suffer from climate fatigue and that the film refreshingly eschews alarmism. Neither does the film scold; Klein is uninterested in debating […]

Antarctic Edge

Produced and Directed by Dena Seidel Released by First Run Features USA. 72 min. Not rated The realities of climate change are painful; the reality of studying it is painstaking. That work, chronicled in Antarctic Edge: 70° South, focuses on a group of scientists making an annual trip to what has been called “the land […]