Starving the Beast

This shocking, depressing, blood-boiling documentary examines the lengths to which politicians and think tanks will go to ensure that business logic extends into every aspect of society, including higher education.

Ivory Tower

Written & Directed by Andrew Rossi Produced by Josh Braun & Rossi Released by Samuel Goldwyn Films/Participant Media USA. 90 min. Rated PG-13 There are few things more enjoyable than to critique the American higher education system, and Ivory Tower is one of the most slickly produced and entertaining cracks at it yet. Here, colleges […]

Kids for Cash

Directed by Robert May Produced by May and Lauren Timmons Released by SenArt Films USA. 102 min. Rated PG-13 Kids for Cash is a Frontline-style documentary that adds considerable behind-the-headlines insight from the perspectives of the families, the investigators, and the accused, despite the frustrating blank holes that are filled with rage against the machine […]

12 O’Clock Boys

Filmed & Directed by Lofty Nathan Produced by John Kassab, Eric Blair & Nathan Released by Oscilloscope Laboratories USA. 72 min. Not rated Many of us can relate to the idea of riding our bikes as kids and feeling a sense of freedom. Trying to pop a wheelie, riding quickly, and skidding out are familiar […]

If You Build It

Directed by Patrick Creadon USA. 85 min. Not rated This timely documentary follows two prominent designers, Emily Pilloton and Matt Miller, who created an educational studio for teens in one of North Carolina’s most rural counties. They called it Studio H, and their students completed projects that evolved from the rudimentary to the complex. The […]

At Berkeley

Edited & Directed by Frederick Wiseman Released by Zipporah Films USA. 244 min. Not Rated At Berkeley is director Frederick Wiseman’s 38th film since 1967, in what he calls “my series about contemporary institutions.” His first on a college campus (the University of California at Berkeley) unfolds just over four hours. It’s a teaching lesson […]

American Promise

Produced & Directed by Joe Brewster & Michèle Stephenson Released by Impact Partners USA. 135 min. Not Rated Raising and educating middle-class African-American boys is seen first-hand, cinema verité style, over nine years in the fitful, occasionally insightful, and intimately revealing documentary American Promise. Filmmakers Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson initially picked up their cameras, […]


Directed by Lee Hirsch Written & Produced by Hirsch & Cynthia Lowen Released by the Weinstein Company USA. 98 min. Not Rated Bully goes to the frontlines of the war on middle and high school kids who don’t fit in. The embedded filmmakers expose the battles they and their families face, survive, or, even worse, […]

To Be Heard

Directed by Roland Legiardi-Laura, Edwin Martinez, Deborah Shaffer & Amy Sultan Produced by Legiardi-Laura, Martinez, Shaffer, Sultan, Jill & Jim Angelo Released by Dialogue Pictures USA. 87min. Not rated Three poetry teachers—Amy Sultan, Joe Ubiles, and Roland Legiardi-Laura—have led a “radical poetry” workshop they call Power Writing at University Heights High School in the Bronx […]