Whose Streets?

That rare film that will make you think and might even make you act.


How one noisy, dirty, smelly dyeing mill reveals the impacts of climate change, globalization, and the demand for cheap labor today.


The documentary’s setting at a Baltimore all-girls college prep school serving mostly African-Americans sets the film apart—to a certain extent.

It’s Not Yet Dark

A beautiful visual representation of Irish filmmaker Simon Fitzmaurice’s struggle with motor neurone disease, also known as ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease).


Featuring a quiet village, bad blood between neighbors, and an unsolved disappearance, this documentary has the makings of a classic crime tale.

The Skyjacker’s Tale

A nonfiction fugitive story that proves real life is more incredible than any fiction.

Score: A Film Music Documentary

A wonderful love letter to the people who keep us humming when we leave the theater.

I Am the Blues

A blues fan’s ultimate road trip through the Deep South.

Bronx Gothic

A documentary/performance piece centered on outage over the historical oppression of black girls.