Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan

At 47, a star ballerina faces the end game, retirement

The Blood Is at the Doorstep

A fiery exploration of one family’s quest for justice.

F(l)ag Football

“Advocacy and activism come in many ways other than just marches.”

Hearing Is Believing

An inspiring portrait of Rachel Flowers, a musical prodigy with a unique form of synesthesia that may, in part, be due to the loss of her eyesight.

Raising Bertie

A rich portrait of black youth coming of age where the odds are stacked against them.

Night School

An engaging documentary about the small victories that lead to a larger achievement.

Three Gems | Cannes 2017

Three discoveries debuted away from the throngs of photographers and the red carpet.

Letters From Baghdad

An effective and fascinating portrait of Gertrude Bell, who helped establish the borders of Iraq and would aid in the formation of its government.


The story of a refugee boy and the media frenzy that grew around him.