The movie is odd as hell, which is welcome, at least at first.

Table 19

The comedy works best when, instead of advancing plot, the six core cast members bounce off each other at the titular table.


Slash stands out as this year’s film for the true teenage outcast.

The Brand New Testament

Exploring other worlds, this film inhabits a Terry Gilliam or Michel Gondry zone with a wide-open heart and a supple spring in its step.

In a Valley of Violence

Director Ty West takes his inspiration from the spate of second-rate Hollywood and third-rate Italian spaghetti westerns of the early- to mid-’70s.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Has time been kind to waning publicity powerhouse Edina Monsoon and age-defying fashion editor Patsy Stone, after more than 20 years of imbibing every variety of chemical substance under the sun and fervently following every fashion trend?

Therapy for a Vampire

This is actually a romantic farce masquerading as a horror/comedy, with a light and dry touch.

Toni Erdmann | Cannes 2016

An observational, 160-minute-long family drama-cum-screwball comedy took critics by surprise at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Men & Chicken

Ever wonder what would happen if a chicken and a pig mated and had a baby? This grim tale set in Denmark mixes dark humor with, well, Darwinism.