Slash stands out as this year’s film for the true teenage outcast.

The Brand New Testament

Exploring other worlds, this film inhabits a Terry Gilliam or Michel Gondry zone with a wide-open heart and a supple spring in its step.

In a Valley of Violence

Director Ty West takes his inspiration from the spate of second-rate Hollywood and third-rate Italian spaghetti westerns of the early- to mid-’70s.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Has time been kind to waning publicity powerhouse Edina Monsoon and age-defying fashion editor Patsy Stone, after more than 20 years of imbibing every variety of chemical substance under the sun and fervently following every fashion trend?

Therapy for a Vampire

This is actually a romantic farce masquerading as a horror/comedy, with a light and dry touch.

Toni Erdmann | Cannes 2016

An observational, 160-minute-long family drama-cum-screwball comedy took critics by surprise at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Men & Chicken

Ever wonder what would happen if a chicken and a pig mated and had a baby? This grim tale set in Denmark mixes dark humor with, well, Darwinism.

My Big Night

A rollicking farce about the production of a New Year’s Eve television special—in mid-October, nonetheless—that must go on no matter what the human cost.

Everybody Wants Some!!

The entire tone of Richard Linklater’s new, low-key film is infectious in a positive, sweet way. The characters are fun, vibrant, a little wild, and off-kilter, lacking in a cynicism often found in college comedies.