In so many ways, Loving is this year’s Spotlight, another re-creation of the righting of a wrong—the movies focus on different issues but have a similarly hushed, just-the-facts, plainspoken approach.

Neruda | NYFF 2016

Chilean director Pablo Larraín turns a standard biopic inside out in this stylish thriller with a literary bent.


Oliver Stone’s film covers a nine-year period in the life of security systems administrator turned whistleblower Edward Snowden, from an idealistic Special Forces enlistee to becoming the most wanted man in the world.

Miles Ahead

Star, cowriter, producer, and director Don Cheadle’s passion project, a biopic of jazz legend Miles Davis.

The Idol

A biopic of Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf, star of Arab Idol, and his bumpy road to success.

Elvis & Nixon

A fictionalized meeting that is very funny at times and boasts actors fully committed to communicating the bizarreness of a particular time and place in American history.

I Saw the Light

The biopic checks off all the major highlights of country singer/songwriter Hank Williams’s life—to a point.


Meryl Streep has recently undertaken to play Florence Foster Jenkins in a film by Stephen Frears that will come out later this year. French writer/director Xavier Giannoli, though, has beaten that production to the punch with his deluxe variation of Jenkins’s biography.

Straight Outta Compton

“What does N.W.A. stand for, huh? No whites allowed?” So asks Jerry Heller (Paul Giamatti), as he sets out to manage what would become one of the most important hip-hop acts of all time: Niggaz Wit Attitudes. N.W.A. was a supergroup in reverse, with many of its members becoming solo stars after it broke up. […]