Endless Poetry

Portrait of Alejandro Jodorowsky as a young man.

13 Minutes

A quiet resistance hero gets the serious biopic treatment he deserves.

Agnès Varda and Jean-Luc Godard | Cannes 2017

Two seminal figures from the French New Wave come roaring back to Cannes (in one form or another).

The Lost City of Z

“We might be too English for the jungle.”

A Quiet Passion

The biopic delves into the poet Emily Dickinson’s life of self-restraint. It’s not just a character study but a look at a bygone era.


At times, watching Christine is akin to witnessing a disaster unfold in slow motion.

Hidden Figures

It’s the triumphant historical crowd-pleaser we need right now.

The Founder

Viewers learn what went on behind the scenes at McDonald’s—and then some—in this biopic of businessman Roy Kroc, played by the film’s life force, Michael Keaton.


An equally straightforward title for this biopic could be Deconstructing Jackie.