Certain Women

A quiet, female-focused triptych of tales that keeps its scope quite modest.

Blue Jay

Gen X has officially arrived at movie middle age, with all the loss, regret, and reckoning that entails.

The Birth of a Nation | Toronto 2016

Perhaps no other film this year arrived with as much expectation and coverage as Nate Parker’s directorial debut.

Kate Plays Christine

Imitation is the sincerest form of investigation.


Following the sudden suicide of his fiancée, Josh (Thomas Middleditch) listlessly decides to go on with his bachelor’s party.

Multiple Maniacs

Even after nearly half a century, the filth of Multiple Maniacs still holds up. While it is so low budget and amateurish, the film’s flaws are actually the best part of the viewing experience.

Men Go to Battle

At 98 minutes, this entertaining and quietly ambitious film never wears out its welcome and stays true to its small-scale intentions.

The Spirit of “Fargo” in Tribeca 2016

The spirit of the Coen Brothers’ (arguably) best movie hovers over narrative entries in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, with the director of one film even citing it as a direct influence.


Some sort of alien invasion may be transpiring as a result of a meteor strike, but the characters are already peculiar enough to be fairly alien themselves. When weird things happen to weird people, it feels almost expected, rather than unsettling.