Here Alone

What happens if you take the zombie out of a zombie movie, or add zombies to a micro-indie flick?

Donald Cried

Donald (as played by director Kris Avedisian), is a creation of heartbreaking familiarity. He encapsulates the eternal stoner who believes junior high was the apex of his existence.


The things that happen to a bus driver named Paterson in Paterson, New Jersey.

Daughters of the Dust

Julie Dash’s layered, poetic, and timeless film garnered lavish praise when it came out in 1991. It has now been rereleased on its 25th anniversary,

Trash Fire

With more than a touch of Grand Guignol horror, this indie desperately wants to be a midnight movie,


Barry Jenkins’s film is like three short films strung together to tell one sweeping story.

Little Sister

Familiar works such as Garden State and even Donnie Darko come to mind as Little Sister rolls on, albeit with a looser, more determinedly madcap feel.

Certain Women

A quiet, female-focused triptych of tales that keeps its scope quite modest.

Blue Jay

Gen X has officially arrived at movie middle age, with all the loss, regret, and reckoning that entails.