One can only be treated like a dog for so long.


Two strangers in a city foreign to them share one night: a lonely American backpacking through Europe and a slightly older French woman.


A unique, fictionalized view of the racial unrest leading up to the devastating 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Dave Made a Maze

With its far-out visuals, a wacky sense of humor, and empathetic characters, this is a labyrinth well worth getting lost in.


Two strangers have a life-changing encounter in a Midwestern modernist paradise.

Brigsby Bear

The new wave of nerd film is upon us, and Brigsby Bear takes us to the next level.

Person to Person

Three completely unrelated stories of New Yorkers floundering through a day-in-the-life.

The Florida Project | Cannes 2017

The most talked about American film at this year’s festival.

Beatriz at Dinner/Sami Blood

Two movies take on the concept of privilege from the outsider’s point of view in very different ways and epochs.