Maya Dardel

A trenchant, fascinating character study of a famous, solitary writer facing the tail end of her life and the impact of her legacy.


A teenager trains for the sisterhood right before the winds of change hit the monastery.


Harry Dean Stanton (recently deceased at 91) brings piss and vinegar to an essentially plotless movie awash in celebrations of kooky oddballdom and insider references to Stanton’s movie career.


Director Kathryn Bigelow’s latest film is wholly in line with her body of work, for good and ill.

The Hero

The material is familiar, but be ready for tears along the way.


A return to the fold for (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb.

Live Cargo

Set on a remote island in the Bahamas, Live Cargo is shot completely in black-and-white and lets the lens do most of the talking.

Chapter & Verse

A clear-eyed, unsentimental yet hopeful story of redemption in today’s America.

Frank & Lola

Their relationship may be rotten, but the revenge it inspires is so very sweet.