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Surviving Progress

Written & Directed by Mathieu Roy & Harold Crooks, based on the book A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright
Produced by Daniel Louis & Denise Robert
Released by First Run Features
Canada. 86 min. Not rated
Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks’ film beautifully pieces together bits of history into an overarching discussion about the meaning and value […]

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How to Start a Revolution

Directed by Ruaridh Arrow
Produced by Arrow & Richard Shaw
Released by Seventh Art Releasing
UK/Egypt/Serbia and Montenegro. USA.  87 min. Not rated
Gene Sharp holds a PhD from Oxford, has held research appointments at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs, and is the founder and senior scholar at the Albert Einstein Institution. Where most academics’ work stays firmly […]

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El Sicario, Room 164

Directed & Photographed by Gianfranco Rosi
Produced by Serge Lalou & Gianfranco Rosi
Original story by Charles Bowden
Released by Icarus Films
Spanish with English subtitles
USA/France. 84 min. Not rated
As many great filmmakers know, the suggestion of violence is often more powerful than seeing it. A hint, a moment, or a fragment gives the audience just enough context by […]

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Without a Home

Directed by Rachel Fleischer
Produced by Joanna Adler & Fleischer
Released by Breaking Glass
USA. 74 min. Not rated

Rachel Fleischer’s documentary Without a Home is vital. It takes advocacy for a cause and embeds it in a truly moving story. Her film makes the invisible visible and gives a voice to a population, the homeless, that has been […]

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Where Soldiers Come From

Produced & Directed by Heather Courtney
Released by International Film Circuit
USA. 91 min. Not rated

Heather Courtney’s documentary Where Soldiers Come From grew out of a wish to tell a real story about the town she grew up in and to rehabilitate the Middle American, small-town stereotype—a hokey, hickish caricature of Red State racism and Tea Party ignorance. The town […]

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Nostalgia for the Light


Written, Directed & Narrated by Patricio Guzmán
Produced by Renate Sachse
Released by Icarus Films
Spanish with English subtitles
France/Germany/Chile. 90 min. Not Rated

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. It essentially derives its force from a false remembrance of history. Nostalgia, the longing to return home, is never about a real home, but an idealized one, […]

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