Meth Storm, Mole Man, and Rodents of Unusual Size | DOC NYC 2017

Meth Storm is an experience that’s hard to shake, a 66-year-old man with autism has a gift for building structures, and an epic battle of man versus nature takes place in the Louisiana bayous.


One can only be treated like a dog for so long.

Song of Granite

How the pure expression of Irish traditional song can rest heavily on an old soul.


Two strangers in a city foreign to them share one night: a lonely American backpacking through Europe and a slightly older French woman.


A fresh take of the old-fashioned, socially conscious American epic.

Sweet Virginia

This is Christopher Abbott’s show. He stars as an an aw-shucks, sweet professional killer.

Big Sonia

A film that inspires compassion and understanding, Big Sonia tells the story of a woman who endured hatred but now embodies love.

Rebels on Pointe

An affectionate tribute to a very New York–centric project that has outgrown its outré origins and developed a global following.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Revenge is served in many ways, all violently, in this comedy of crime and culpability.

Sammy Davis Jr., the Beatles, and David Bowie | DOC NYC 2017

The all-documentary festival jacks ups the glitz quotient with three films profiling high-status singers and entertainers.