Remember New York in the 1990s? This family dramedy takes places in faraway pre-Wired Age Manhattan, sporting some ’90s indie film tropes, too.


The sunshine of Ibiza is a beautiful place to shed light on ugly family truths.


Easily Christopher Nolan’s greatest achievement to date.

The Untamed

A film about sexual repression and homophobia, with some creature horror thrown in for good measure.

The Midwife

Catherine Deneuve saunters away with the movie.

The Fencer

The Golden Globe-nominated film takes a familiar formula and adds a compelling historical backdrop.

The Florida Project | Cannes 2017

The most talked about American film at this year’s festival.


Featuring a quiet village, bad blood between neighbors, and an unsolved disappearance, this documentary has the makings of a classic crime tale.

The Skyjacker’s Tale

A nonfiction fugitive story that proves real life is more incredible than any fiction.

Score: A Film Music Documentary

A wonderful love letter to the people who keep us humming when we leave the theater.