The Young Karl Marx

An exhaustively researched, meticulously detailed, historically impeccable depiction of Marx’s tumultuous life from 1843–1848.

The Boy Downstairs

Set in a certain sphere of New York romantic comedies and starring Zosia Mamet.

A Fantastic Woman

Daniela Vega gives a stellar performance as Marina, a transgender woman whose lover, 25 years her senior, suddenly dies in the middle of the night.

Mama Colonel | Doc Fortnight 2018

A powerful character study of a woman in a position of authority in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Noiseless, Desert Extras | Doc Fortnight 2018

Actors who have largely gone unseen—the ones who appear on-screen for just a few seconds or are among the army of extras in crowd scenes—take the spotlight.

Liyana | Doc Fortnight 2018

An inspiring blend of documentary and animated fantasy.

The Party

Hell is other people, and a hell of a lot of wicked fun.

Double Lover

The impeccable cinematography in François Ozon’s new mind game belongs in 2018, but its soul harks back to the psycho-gonzo oeuvre of Hitchcock, Bergman, and Gaslight.

Syrian Documentaries | Doc Fortnight 2018

One film focuses on gay Syrians desperate for personal freedom abroad and another on refugees trapped and exploited in a Lebanon camp.

The Florida Project | Cannes 2017

The most talked about American film at the festival.