Scott Cooper’s western attempts to reckon with the past while examining the present.

The Post

Behind-the-scenes to a crucial 20th-century “start the presses!” milestone.

Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story

Over the decades, the mammals have transitioned from beloved treasures to pests and vermin in the eyes of millions.

The Road Movie

A documentary made up of dash cam footage of Russian roadside incidents. The overall: funny and dark.

The Final Year

A documentary on the final days of the Obama presidency evokes a sense of misguided nostalgia.

Phantom Thread

A gothic romance about a perfectionist, creative obsessive and the woman by his side, who may/may not tolerate his regimented way of life much longer.

Saturday Church

Featuring a strong lead performance and some pretty profound moments among its many players, this little indie has legs.

What Lies Upstream

An informative documentary that doubles as a fast-paced investigative thriller.

The Insult

Two men’s ill-tempered argument leads to a hurled curse, a courtroom showdown, and urban battles that come close to setting Lebanon on fire.


Set in 19th-century Brazil, Vazante seizes on something evil and never looks away.